Why BIG SUR sucks

Actually hard work done and I appreciate who did new update. Of course not whole BIG SUR sucks but in some points.
No matter I should say what I should say about it from my point of view (point of designer view)
The new operating system was disappointing at first glance, not unreasonably
Now I think it’s pretty clean but still dont like it more than previous Caatalina (almost sure I will change my mind)

Screenshots takes all it can not just needed

Clickable zone is just icon not icon + text zone Paretoo, guys

White on white? seriously?

Keynote All icons black — it’s harder to find necessary button and don’t know if presentation is online

Really? Why is that shortcut different in Safari? To speed up us? Always was CMD+

17 june in calendar while actual date is 27 nov Sad (

24 ноября